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5 technologies that USA enterprises look for, on your resume.

Right now, we know how hard it is to find a great job. Because of that we want to talk about the different technologies that great companies are looking for in guys like you.

We will talk about 5 main technologies.

Amazon Web Services

It is a cloud services plataform that provides different benefits like: storage, networking, databases, security. It's a fast and simple way of giving companies the opportunity to have everything that used to be on servers, but now on the cloud. This improves the security that they manage.

For more info, go to:


It is a powerful Javasript framework, suitable for developingmoder frontend applications, but also, addresses development techniques of the backend.

For more info, go to: Angular - FEATURES & BENEFITS


Working with microservices means, having the opportunity to coordinate and manage it's data, create them and modify them, this because you must deliver fast and quality software. In Active Alliance, we give you a FREE microservices course, while you begin your marketing process with USA companies.

For more info, go to: Understanding microservices (


With Docker, you can either work in the cloud, or desktop, you can use your containers as extremly lightweith, gain flexibility to create, copy or move from one enviroment to another, optimizing your apps.

For more info, go to: Empowering App Development for Developers | Docker


Works by automatizing Linux container operations. Eliminates many of the manual processes involved in deploying and scalability of containerized applications, because of that, it is the ideal platform for hosting cloud-native applications that require rapid expansion.

For more info, go to: What is Kubernetes? (

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