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Moving to the USA... What is that like?

We know how terrifying it can be to move to a new, country, to a new city, with new people, new schools for your children, a new job! It is just too much!

That is why, we want to give you different views of what it is to move and live in USA. Not only telling you what we as a team have loved about it, but how other people see it.

In this blog we will give you different links to blogs, books and videos of how other people see the culture, the costs, the schools, how and where to have fun, how it is in different cities, how can you get a green card and so much more...

  1. A book that will let you know a lot about the culture ( Living in the USA (9781931930192): Lanier, Alison R., Davis, Jef C.: Books).

  2. A video of a German Woman, who loves living in the USA (10 THINGS I LOVE ABOUT LIVING IN THE USA | German Girl in America - YouTube).

  3. A blog about the costs around the USA and extra information of airports, embassies and social situations (Living in the US: Cost, Country Facts, and More | InterNations GO!).

  4. A video about an American High School, what they do, learn and practice (FOLLOW ME AROUND - AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL - YouTube).

  5. A blog about Green Cards, where inmigrants live and more (Living in the USA - Detailed information and tips (

  6. A video about Elementary school, for the little ones (Day in the Life: Elementary School Student - YouTube).

As we said, we kno how hard it can be to make this great decition, that is why we are always aveilable to help you and your family with any doubt you may have.

We will help you achive your American Dream!

In Active Alliance we walk by your side in every step of the way.

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