Application Development

Building Better Business Software Applications

In order to be successful, your business needs the proper technology to grow and succeed. Whether it is an HRIS system, data analytics dashboard, CRM system, sales and lead management tool, recruiting software, etc., you need applications that fit your organizational workflow. When you have access to the necessary tools, you can automate processes, streamline workflows, increase efficiency, and improve measurement and tracking… but if you are using the wrong or outdated applications, you can face bottlenecks that hinder progress. The last thing you can afford to do is let your business be crippled by using the inferior technology.

Active Alliance Systems Corporation has a wide host of application and product development services that can improve your business. We employ a unique development methodology that allows us to be flexible and nimble; and allows you to stay close to the development and enact changes in real time. At the end of our development process, we will test and implement the business software application that perfectly matches your exact specifications. Our custom designed and built applications offer more robust functionality than any off-the-shelf product, and will seamlessly blend into your existing technology environment. Our unique development process is a welcomed departure from the norm, as you can actively monitor progress, change specifications, and ensure that the end result matches your needs… rather than jotting down your business requirements and waiting for months (if not years) to receive a product that no longer fits the bill.

Our custom application development services include a comprehensive discovery phase in order to elicit business requirements, which is followed by a development phase that includes client input at every benchmark. Once an application has been developed, it is put through a rigorous, multi-stage testing phase to ensure functionality, stability, and security before delivery. As the testing phase is completed, Active Alliance will implement your newly minted application, migrate any and all data, integrate it with your current technology environment, and monitor it to ensure a seamless delivery. Active Alliance also offers maintenance services that will continue to monitor and further develop your custom application so it grows with your ever evolving business.

Some of Our Valued Clients and Partners

Additionally, Active Alliance System Corporation has development services designed to improve, expand, and supplement the functionality of your existing technology suite. If you would like to discuss your application development needs, please contact us today!